BTCPay Server Grant #6 - BTSE

Posted in Announcements by pavlenex on 3/10/2020

Today, we're delighted to welcome BTSE (opens new window) to the family of companies supporting the BTCPay Server Project. BTSE has made a direct contribution of 80,000 USD to Andrew Camilleri, also known as Kukks - our prolific core contributor.

If you've spent a day in our community, we're sure you've met Kukks! Besides actively helping both newcomers and seasoned members on our chats, submitting pull requests almost daily (with over 220 (opens new window) just in the main repository), he's the mastermind of some of the momentous features such as Crowdfunding app (opens new window), Payment Request (opens new window), BTC-Transmuter (opens new window), Configurator (opens new window), New Greenfield API (opens new window) along a myriad of others.

Thanks to BTSE's generosity, Kukks will be able to focus on BTCPay Server without having to allocate time to paid side-projects to support himself. Kukks quit his day-job a year and a half ago to focus on BTCPay Server and says himself:

Even though it's been rough financially, it was worth it. I've learned more in this past year and a half than I have in my entire career combined, all thanks to BTCPay Server and its community.

BTSE, "bitsie" /ˈbɪtsi/ is a digital assets exchange and derivatives platform which brings one-stop solutions for bridging the gap between the traditional fiat markets and the world of digital assets.

This grant is the first of its kind to fund one of our contributors directly without going through the Foundation (opens new window). As we've mentioned (opens new window) before; the goal of the Foundation is to help contributors but not necessarily act as a middleman.

We're deeply touched by BTSE's philanthropic gesture and stoked to see what kind of magic our "Evil Scientist" will bring to the project next now that he can spend more time coding without worrying about financial stability. 💚

If you're a business that would like to supporter of BTCPay Server contributors and help us create an open-financial future for everyone, please get in touch via a contact form on the foundation's website (opens new window).

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