Introducing Pay Request - Get paid in BTC by sharing a link

Posted in Features by pavlenex on 2/22/2019

I regularly pay freelancers with bitcoin. When we agree on the price in fiat, due to volatility, the numbers never add up. I have to pay again, or they have to refund me. If we agree on the amount a few days in advance, someone is always at financial or time loss. Making sure they don’t re-use the address is a story for another day, but you feel the pain. (GitHub #314 (opens new window) )

BTCPay is free and open-source cryptocurrency payment processor. In this article we would like to share how we addressed the above problem for our users.

# The Problem

Our good old client Satoshi wants to pay us for a logo we designed.

  • Satoshi needs to ask for the exact amount.
  • Satoshi needs our address
  • Satoshi needs to make sure there is no address re-use, since that’s a huge privacy issue
  • Satoshi’s ISP may block (opens new window) the email if he mentions Bitcoin.
  • Satoshi does not have enough BTC, he needs repeat the same process
  • All this time the rates change
  • Satoshi has no invoice confirmation to print for his accountant

# The Solution

Introducing - Payment Requests, a new type of time-sensitive invoice pages built into BTCPay that allow you to get paid in cryptocurrency just by sharing a simple URL.

  • Seller creates an invoice, adds expiration date, customizes it and shares as a regular link.
  • Buyer can pay invoice whenever preferred. The exchange rates update accordingly.
  • Buyer can pay right away or later, on-chain or via the Lightning Network. The invoice can even be paid partially with LN and partially on-chain, or even with multiple coins.
  • The exchange rate is determined when buyer tries to pay the invoice.
  • Buyer can print the paid invoice.
  • Seller can export all the relevant data as CSV later and send it to accountant.
  • Since they’re using BTCPay, money goes directly from one wallet to another, no custodians, no fees.

# How it works?

  1. Create a payment request (enter the amount, the expiration time, and description)
  2. Customize the design (optional)
  3. Share the URL.

Creating a payment request in BTCPay:

We’ve added lots of flexibility, so you can use custom CSS, or add a ready-made BootStrap theme.

You can save the invoice for later and preview it, or publish it right away and send it to your customers.

# Features

  • Set the expiration time
  • Printer-friendly mode
  • Customizable design (css/theme)
  • Custom or fixed amount

Print invoices with ease:

# Roadmap

We plan to further develop and improve the payment requests based on your feedback.

Short term improvements we plan to implement are:

  • One-Time or Recurring requests (subscriptions)
  • Send a request automatically via an e-mail (SMTP integration)

# Try it out

Excited? Here’s how you can create a payment request quickly:

  1. Register on our demo server (opens new window) (you can self-host (opens new window) BTCPay or use a third-party host (opens new window))
  2. Create a store (opens new window) and connect your wallet (no private keys required).
  3. Payment Requests > Create.

We’re very proud of this feature. In order to improve it further, we need more people to use it. Give it a try, and share your invoices and experiences with us on Twitter (opens new window).

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