BTCPay Server 2019 Year in Review

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We like to say that every day, something is happening in BTCPay. With one more behind us, just like we did in 2018, (opens new window) we'd like reflect and remember the highlights from 2019.

Only by looking back at our failures and success, can we draw lessons for the future.

Today, we're reflecting at all the good, bad, ugly and crazy moments that happened in the past 365 days in BTCPay Server community.

# January

Telegram Group Launched

We've launched a Telegram group that now, nearly a year later has over 900 active members.

01/02/2019 (opens new window)

Lightning Joule Integration

Joule added an (opens new window)easy way to connect to a self-hosted BTCPay.

01/06/2019 (opens new window)

Running BTCPay Raspberry Pi 3 Guide

Step-by-step instructions for running BTCPay on Raspberry Pi 3.

01/07/2019 (opens new window)

New version released

Introducing invoice search and better way to display LN node info

01/07/2019 (opens new window)

Better Invoice Accounting

A new way to export invoices in CSV for smoother accounting

01/10/2019 (opens new window)

Crowdfunding App

In version, we introduced a brand-new app - Crowfunding

01/10/2019 (opens new window)

LibrePatron - Decentralized Patron

A third-party BTCPay plugin, called LibrePatron, released.

01/11/2019 (opens new window)

10 000 Twitter Followers

@BTCPayServer account on Twitter, reached 10k followers!

01/14/2019 (opens new window)

2 years since the stable release

On Jan 17th, we celebrated 2nd b-day of the stable BTCPay version.

01/17/2019 (opens new window)

The definite Guide to BTCPay Server released a 4-part series of articles on BTCPay Server.

01/21/2019 (opens new window)

New version released

Better invoice pagination, fixed warnings and SMTP configurable on a store-level.

01/23/2019 (opens new window)

BTCPay Chat Migrated to Mattermost

Our community chat, migrated from Slack, to an open-source alternative - Mattermost.

01/07/2019 (opens new window)

Tutorial - Integrate Woo into Crowdfund app

Tutorial that enables integration of WooCommerce store and the Crowdfund app.

01/25/2019 (opens new window)

Woo integrated into BTCPay

Deploy WooCommerce store on top of the existing, self-hosted BTCPay Server.

01/27/2019 (opens new window)

# February

BTCPay Introductory video crowdfund campaign

3-day live-stream event where we successfully raised money for an introductory video,

02/02/2019 (opens new window)

People using Crowdfunding app to raise funds

People began using freshly-coded app in the wild, trying to raise funds for different causes.

02/05/2019 (opens new window)

BTCPay Workshop in Chicago

RockstarDev did a live-stream workshop in Chicago explaining the basics of BTCPay.

02/07/2019 (opens new window)

London Advancing Bitcoin 2019

Nicolas Dorier held a presentation in London, explaining the architecture of BTCPay Server.

02/08/2019 (opens new window)

Infographic - Common Merchant's problem

We created an infographic to showcase the common issues Bitcoin merchants face.

02/19/2019 (opens new window)

New version v1.0.3.55 released

This version introduced a lot of minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

02/27/2019 (opens new window)

Ride the Lightning integrated

RTL integration in BTCPay enabled easy-to-use UI for LND users.

02/27/2019 (opens new window) - Payment Requests are here!

In we released a new type of invoices, payment requests that became quite popular.

02/28/2019 (opens new window)

Interactive Mural by CryptoGraffity in Venezuela

Powered by BTCPay, raising money for daycare in C├║cuta for Venezuela refugee kids.

01/28/2019 (opens new window)

# March

Tor Support for BTCPay

We've integrated Tor Support for BTCPay as a default.

03/01/2019 (opens new window)

BTCPay HackDay

RockStarDev and Justin Moon organized a hackaton.

03/03/2019 (opens new window)

Host Bill App Software integrated BTCPay

All-in-One Hosting Command Center @hostbillappcom added BTCPay integration.

03/04/2019 (opens new window)

Guide - Running BTCPay on Digital Ocean

CoinCards founder Mike, created a guide on how to deploy BTCPay on a popular VPS provider - DO.

03/05/2019 (opens new window)

BTCPay Blog launched

We launched a blog so we can share stories, news and guides easily.

03/07/2019 (opens new window)

Mentioned on Canada Revenue Agency Audit

Canada Revenue Agency, released guidelines for crypto audit which mentions BTCPay.

03/08/2019 (opens new window)

Tutorial - How to Create Point of Sale

Tutorial explains how to use BTCPay Point Of Sale app in retail.

03/12/2019 (opens new window)

Article - Debunking BTCPay Server Myths

Article in which we tried to debunk some of the common misconceptions.

03/14/2019 (opens new window) completely re-designed

Our main site went through an overhaul on March the 15th.

03/15/2019 (opens new window)

Python Client documentation refactored

Jeff V., the maintainer of the Python client, re-wrote the documentation.

03/17/2019 (opens new window)

# April

LN BIG Integration

A popular LN liquidity node provider developed an easy way to get inbound capacity from BTCPay nodes.

04/02/2019 (opens new window)

Jack followed @BTCPayServer

Jack gave our account a follow , which resulted in one of many poems we tweeted in 2019.

04/03/2019 (opens new window)

How BTCPay works Animated Video

In our efforts to show what happens behind the scenes, we created an animated video.

04/04/2019 (opens new window)

JooBar using BTCPay as their PoS

A bar based in Korea using btcpay web-point of sale as their main terminal.

04/08/2019 (opens new window)

Boltathon - Coding Session

RockstarDev and BritKelly participated in first-ever Boltathon conference.

04/10/2019 (opens new window)


The crowdfunding campaign for the space cat from the community began

04/11/2019 (opens new window)

Over $30 000 raised for Hodlonaut

Crowdfunding campaign powered by BTCPay app, ended up raising over 30 000$.

04/13/2019 (opens new window)

BTCPay Intro video

After a successful crowdfunding, "What is BTCPay" animated video saw the light of day.

04/14/2019 (opens new window)

Article - How to accept Bitcoin Donations

Article explaining how to accept BTC donations privately and securely without middleman appeared on our blog.

04/25/2019 (opens new window)

# May

New big update

This version introduced a lot of new features (2F support, Bitcoin Full Node connect to mobile via QR code, external storage support)

05/07/2019 (opens new window)

PSBT Support added

Partially signed bitcoin transactions (PSBT) implemented for BTCPay Wallet.

05/08/2019 (opens new window)

ColdCard Integration

Version introduced ColdCard integration for completely air-gapped wallet transactions.

05/13/2019 (opens new window)


This released introduced tons of improvements in the wallet and added the ability to sign with xpriv if needed.

05/15/2019 (opens new window)

ACINQ - Eclair support

We've added the support for third LN implementation - Eclair.

05/15/2019 (opens new window)

NPM package for btcpay created

A NodeJS implementation for BTCPay was created.

05/17/2019 (opens new window)

Hello Bar - The first retail store to accept LN in Japan

By using BTCPay PoS, HelloBar became the first ever brick and mortar store to accept Lightning in Japan.

05/23/2019 (opens new window) translated in over 15 languages

In less than 24 hours, our official site got translated in over 15 languages. To this day it's available in 24 languages.

05/30/2019 (opens new window)

# June fixed a major vulnerability

Besides vulnerability fix, this release brought it BISQ integration, added Blockstream explorer

06/02/2019 (opens new window)

BTCPay and PayPal?

Some community members wanted PayPal integrated, we've put that on a vote, it ended up with a majority of users saying NO, and others freaking out.

06/06/2019 (opens new window)

# July

BitFlix - Streaming Service

One of our community members created a proof of concept app called Bitflix, Netflix alternative on the Lightning powered by BTCPay.

07/12/2019 (opens new window)


Crowdfunding campaign in partnership with the Tor Project, where community raised over 18k USD.

07/15/2019 (opens new window)

Stepan Livera Podcast Series

Stephan Livera interviewed BTCPay Server core contributors in a 4-part series.

07/16/2019 (opens new window)

BTCPay Server Directory launched

We created a BTCPay directory where merchants, developers and regular users can showcase their projects and shops.

07/21/2019 (opens new window)

BTCPay Integrated in a video game

A video game called Turbo '84 launched, which uses BTCPay as a back-end for receiving payments.

07/23/2019 (opens new window)

# August

Brainstorming the 2.0 UI

Early August, we began the initiative of including more UI/UX people on the project.

08/08/2019 (opens new window)

Version released introduced a vulnerability fix that affected third-party hosts and introduced wallet labels.

10/08/2019 (opens new window)

Tutorial Develop on Ubuntu

We released a video that explains how to develop BTCPay Server if you're using Ubuntu.

08/11/2019 (opens new window)

Tutorial BTCPay Docker under the hood

Detailed video series that explains in detail what happens under the hood in BTCPay Docke deployment.

08/14/2019 (opens new window)

XSS Vulnerability disclosure

On August 16th we published an XSS vulnerability disclosure.

08/16/2019 (opens new window)

This is lies! Our Second Birthday

August the 17th marked the two year anniversary of BTCPay. Happy Birthday!

08/17/2019 (opens new window)

# September

Version is out

This release introduced a bunch of interesting features, including PoS app inventory management.

09/04/2019 (opens new window)

Lightning ATM

Lightning Network ATM, using BTCPay Server as a backend released.

08/09/2019 (opens new window)

Announcing BTCPay Server Foundation and Square Crypto Grant

One of the biggest 2019 highlights - BTCPay Foundation announced on BH2019 and our first grant from SquareCrypto.

09/14/2019 (opens new window)

First ever BTCPay Day

In Riga, we held our first BTCPay Day. A full-day event where community gathered. Over 70 members attended the first event in Latvia.

09/16/2019 (opens new window)

The Tor Project starts accepting donations via BTCPay

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, The Tor Project added donation button and started to accept Bitcoin donations directly.

09/19/2019 (opens new window)

# October - redesigned again

We've been experimenting quite a lot and on October the 7nd, we polished our main site.

10/07/2019 (opens new window)

Hack0 - Plug and Play BTCPay node

Hack0, earlier announced in Riga, during the BTCPay Day exhibited at CEATEC, Tokyo.

10/08/2019 (opens new window)

Casa 2 announced with BTCPay Support

Popular plug and play full Bitcoin and Lightning Node Casa, announced Casa 2 wich arrives with BTCPay support.

10/08/2019 (opens new window)

Raspberry Pi 4 documentation

On October 9th, we've added documentation for Raspberry Pi 4 deployment.

10/09/2019 (opens new window)

Hong Kong Free Press

Hong Kong Free Press started using a self-hosted BTCPay Server to accept Bitcoin donations

10/10/2019 (opens new window)

LNConf Berlin

Large portion of our core team and community headed to Berlin for an amazing conference.

10/14/2019 (opens new window)

Lightnite Crowdfunding campaign

Satoshi Games launched a crowdfunding campaign powered by BTCPay for their PC game.

10/19/2019 (opens new window)

BTCPay Workshop

In Berlin, RockstarDev and Kukks held a workshop on how to obsolete Meetup app, by using BTCPay Transmuter.

10/20/2019 (opens new window)

Pretix - Ticketing System integrates BTCPay

An open-source ticket and event software Pretix starts using BTCPay Server.

10/20/2019 (opens new window)


New version, introduced recommended fee on the invoice page and tons UI improvements.

10/23/2019 (opens new window)

# November

Ruby Integration

Our community member wrote an in-depth tutorial on how to integrate Ruby's SDK and BTCPay.

11/06/2019 (opens new window)

ACINQ - BTCPay Foundation

ACINQ became the second company to support BTCPay Server Foundation with a 10k grant.

11/07/2019 (opens new window)


This major version introduced front-page re-design, ElectrumX support and Fully Noded integration.

11/07/2019 (opens new window)

Hack0 - Plug and Play BTCPay node

Hack0, earlier announced in Riga, during the BTCPay Day exhibited at CEATEC, Tokyo.

11/08/2019 (opens new window)

DG Lab - BTCPay Foundation

DG became our third supported with 30k grant to BTCPay Foundation.

11/14/2019 (opens new window)

LND Migration tool

A long-awaited migration tool for LND legacy deployments introduced in v1.0.3.138.

11/16/2019 (opens new window)

LunaNode and Wallet of Satoshi

Two amazing companies, LunaNode and Wallet of Satoshi beacame the supporters of the BTCPay Foundation on November the 19th.

11/19/2019 (opens new window)

BTCPay Vault released

One of the most-exciting features of 2019, BTCPay Vault, released in the wild.

11/21/2019 (opens new window)

BTCPay Configurator preview

Early preview of the BTCPay Configuratior, a tool that will enable 1-click deployments in any enviroment.

11/22/2019 (opens new window)

# December

Russell Okung and BTCPay Cleats

Russell Okung, offensive tackle for the Los Angeles Chargers, announced he'll wear shoes with BTCPay logo.

12/04/2019 (opens new window)

Boltathon 2 - BTCPay and Lightnng

Brit Kelly and RockstarDev participated on second Boltathon.

12/07/2019 (opens new window)

BTCPay Community watching Chargers

Our community members gathered together and watched a stream of Chargers vs Eagles.

12/08/2019 (opens new window)

BTCPay Vault 1.0 released

After lots of testing, BTCPay Vault stable version released.

12/15/2019 (opens new window)

# Thank you!

Thank you for being here with us in 2019. We appreciate all the love, support and contributions.

Enjoy taking a look at 2019 highlights. Happy holidays, here's to another crazy year! ­čĺÜ

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