BTCPay Server Grant #3 From Digital Garage, Inc.

Posted in Announcements by Nicolas on 11/14/2019

I am proud to announce that BTCPay Foundation (opens new window) have just received our third grant of 30 000 USD from Digital Garage Inc. (DG).

I briefly announced the DG support in Riga during the Baltic Honeybadger conference. Funny enough, I learned of the agreement 10 minutes before going on stage (opens new window), which got our entire community in Riga quite excited.

This partnership touches me personally, as for those who still don't know, DG is the mother company of the company I am working for in Japan: DG Lab (opens new window).

DG Lab provided me the much needed freedom, time and support to work on BTCPayServer. I even wrote the famous tweet (opens new window) that kicked off BTCPayServer while I was in our office.

Another project on which BTCPayServer depends for tracking bitcoin payments, NBXplorer (opens new window), is a project that originated from DG Lab around 8 months before BTCPayServer was born. Actually, not only BTCPayServer, but NBXplorer (opens new window), the UTXO tracker BTCPayServer is depending on, was originally a block explorer for a multi asset Elements mobile wallet that DG Lab team created for the BC² conference.

A fair (most) amount of code written for BTCPayServer has been written thanks to DG Lab. I could not be more happy that they not only continue to support the project, but double down on it.

DG is not only supporting BTCPay Server and myself, but also a whole team of Bitcoin contributors as well as advocating Bitcoin development in Japan. We are making (almost) yearly conference in Tokyo called BC² aimed to get more developers into Bitcoin. The next BC² will be held in Tokyo, and will include BTCPayServer and hack0 development. If you plan a trip to Tokyo during the first semester of 2020, stay tuned on that!

In the end, I am just happy that the structure around the project is improving and that everything grows organically. We've managed to partner up with businesses that truly believe in BTCPayServer and we're humbled by the opportunity to work on improving it every single day 💚.


If you're a business and would like to become a supporter of BTCPay Server Foundation and help us create an open-financial future for everyone, please get in touch via a contact form on the foundation's website (opens new window).

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