BTCPay Server grant - PNXBET

Posted in Announcements by Zaxounette on 6/10/2021

We’re excited to announce that the BTCPay Server Foundation has received a grant of $30 000 USD paid in Bitcoin from PNXBET (opens new window).

Founded in 2019, headquartered and licensed in Curaçao, PNXBET is a gaming operator offering a wide variety of online casino games and sports-book matches. The company is a cutting-edge technology platform with a focus on user experience. Over forty thousand matches and five thousand casino games in more than fifty categories are available to enjoy, ranging from jackpot games and slot machines, to live sport event bets and casino tables.

PNXBET is not only a supporter of the BTCPay Server Foundation but they’re also a user of our software. With a monthly Bitcoin volume measured in millions, the company is saving over a hundred thousand dollars in fees annually by using BTCPay Server. They are also using our Pull Payments feature for batching the Bitcoin withdrawals on their platform through the new Greenfield API. This allows further saving on the mining fees.

We’re looking forward to receiving feedback and working closely with yet another high-volume merchant to further optimize and scale BTCPay Server for enterprise use.

We thank PNXBET for supporting BTCPay Server and the Bitcoin open-source environment with this donation. It will help us write even better code and further promote BTCPay Server to individuals and merchants who would most benefit from it.

Welcome to the BTCPay Server family!

As always, we also thank our dedicated and passionate community for their daily support in making BTCPay Server the best merchant solution possible.

Last Updated: 10/29/2021, 3:18:38 PM