Introducing BTCPay Server 1.5.0 - Dashboard and payout processors

Posted in Releases by pavlenex on 4/29/2022

After a long wait, we're finally out of our coding cave, ready to introduce a new major BTCPay Server version - 1.5.0!

This release brings in a brand-new dashboard for easier analytics and better data visualization, payout processors and schedule for later for better payout management payments, batching your payments and refunds, several UX/UI improvements, Greenfield API additions and a few non-critical bug fixes.

# New dashboard ๐Ÿ“Š

We know that having a quick glance at your store's performance is essential. Also we understand that as a user, you would like to have an easy way to access and manage recent invoices and refunds. That's why we're introducing a dashboard!

Dashboard visually showcases critical store data, providing you with a way to better understand your store's performance, so that you take more informed decisions. Furthermore, a dashboard should help manage recent invoices, pending payouts, and refunds.

Currently, the dashboard shows data for an on-chain payment method, pending payouts and refunds, recent invoices & transactions, and the data for the crowdfunding app.

For more information on dashboard functionality, check our docs (opens new window).

We're building the dashboard with flexibility in mind, and the goal is extend its functionality via the plugin system.

We'd love to hear what you think about the dashboard and how it works for you. Let us know what kind of data would help you better manage your store.

# Payout processor ๐Ÿค–

Payout processors are a new concept that hooks into the pull payment system (opens new window), specifically the payout part of it (opens new window). This new functionality allows you to automate the flow of the payouts.

For this release, we've baked into two payout processors for on-chain and off-chain payment methods, meaning they support bitcoin addresses, BOLT11, lightning address, and LNURL. Once configured, they run continuously and process any payout awaiting payment.

Set up a time interval in your store settings upon which your payouts will be batched and broadcasted to the network.

Payout processors, in their current state, allow you to save on transaction fees by batching the store's payments (wallet payments, refunds, payouts) and broadcasting them at a specific, pre-set time interval, for example, hourly, daily, weekly, and more. Additionally, it reduces the management overhead and lets payouts to your customers and users be paid out automatically as soon as they provide their bitcoin payment request.

But the best is yet to come. We've built this feature with plugins in mind. Opt-in payout processors plugins created by the community can open up additional ways to handle payments from your store, such as automated cold-storage forwarding, and coinjoins (opens new window).

We also have plans to create an additional payout processor in the coming versions of BTCPay Server that will enhance our Payjoin (opens new window) support to the next level (opens new window) to bring enhanced privacy and reduced fees.

# Schedule for later ๐Ÿ“†

We understand that 'payout processors' may sound a bit abstract, and that's why we've added a concrete use-case for it through our brand-new schedule for later function in the wallet.

This means that now, instead of signing and broadcasting a transaction, you have the option to schedule it for later on at a pre-set time interval.

And since our refunding system goes through the pull payments system, if payout processors are configured on your store, they can now automatically be paid out.

# Enable/disable users

Server admins now have the options to disable or re-enable users, allowing them to better manage people who use their instance.

This functionality can be handy for third-party hosts or services building on top of BTCPay Server or offering BTCPay third-party hosting.

# NBXplorer updates ๐Ÿ”Ž

In case you've missed it, our dependency NBXPlorer has undergone a major performance refactoring.

We did most of the refactoring in service of how data is handled in the dashboard and improved the performance for larger enterprise users.

You can read more about the NBXplorer updates in this blog post (opens new window).

# UX/UI improvements ๐ŸŽจ

As usual, we're ironing out the user interface with every release, making incremental changes based on our understanding of how you use BTCPay Server. Your feedback is always a critical factor when we're making such changes.

  • Better Lightning services access - access Lightning Network services with the click of a button.
  • Store default currency for entities - introduced in an earlier release, the default currency is now pre-set, but easily configurable when you're creating invoices, pull payments, pay button or payment requests.
  • Add additional rate providers supported by CoinGecko.

# Greenfield API ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ’ป

In this release we added a few new functionalities to our Greenfield API (opens new window).

  • Add transaction info for on chain wallet
  • Add label filter for on chain wallet transaction
  • Add Lightning payment info

We're noticing an uptrend in people building on top of BTCPay Server. If you're building something with our Greenfield API, we're always looking to get more feedback on how to improve it and we love to see what you've made!

# Thank you ๐Ÿ’š

As usual, if you have problems, feedback, feature requests regarding BTCPay Server, feel free to reach out on our community chat (opens new window). We hope you enjoy what this update has to offer.

As always, thank you to our invaluable contributors, who directly participated in making 1.5.0 possible:

@dafunction (opens new window) @dennisreimann (opens new window) @dstrukt (opens new window) @Kukks (opens new window) @leesalminen (opens new window) @NicolasDorier (opens new window) orangesurf (opens new window) @bolatovumar (opens new window) @woutersamaey (opens new window).

Besides release contributors, we'd like to thank all of our contributors who're making BTCPay Server better every day, through testing, reporting bugs, providing feedback, documenting, content making and more!

BTCPay Server could never rapidly progress without your help!

The BTCPay Server team ๐Ÿ’š

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