MY TRUST IN YOU IS BROKEN, BTCPay Server Feature Documentary Premiere

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For years there has been an un-answered post in r/bitcoin, where is the blocksize wars documentary? My Trust In You Is Broken is an attempt to answer a part of that history by telling Nicolas Dorier’s story of starting BTCPay Server.

In 2017 Bitpay tried to force its users to adopt Segwit2x in collusion with the “big blocker” companies and influencers. This 42 minute feature documentary shows why it’s important to verify your transactions and what can happen if you let others become your trusted 3rd.

Official production began at the Miami Bitcoin Conference of 2023. BTCPay Server Contributors helped many Bitcoin conferences onboard event merchants and new Bitcoiners. Most importantly this story documents the evolution of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange with Bitcoinize (opens new window) point-of-sale devices.

Though most of the filming takes place at Bitcoin events much of the story is told through BTCPay contributor interviews and important moments recorded from 2015 - 2019 on podcasts and keynotes during the blocksize wars.

The first-ever screening of My Trust In You Is Broken will take place at the Bitcoin Film Fest in Warsaw, Poland (opens new window). We hope to see you there and if you cannot join the European Halving Party with us, digital tickets to the event will let you watch all of the movies from BFF including My Trust In You Is Broken for 42 days.

# Description for Press

"My Trust In You Is Broken" is a Feature Documentary by Parker Worthington (opens new window). It chronicles the tumultuous origins of Bitcoin as a payments system and highlights Nicolas Dorier's significant role. Reacting against BitPay's direction in the Bitcoin Block Size Wars and their support for SegWit2x, Dorier created BTCPay Server. This free, open-source platform allows merchants to accept Bitcoin directly and independence from intermediaries. Despite the ambiguity in its adoption scale, BTCPay Server is known for its community-driven model, privacy, and autonomy features. The film emphasizes Dorier's pivotal role in contributing to Bitcoin merchant adoption and the perils of trusted third parties.

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